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True or False: If You’re Just Thinking About CES Now, You’re Late?

Brittany Margiotta

Senior Director

True or False: If You’re Just Thinking About CES Now, You’re Late?

True. October continues to prove to be the spookiest month of the year with the reality that the world’s largest consumer electronics show is not only approaching, but it’s here.   

For the 4.5K exhibiting brands, planning and strategy development should be well underway if they want to show up for the 175K+ attendees and really stand out amongst competitors to the 6K+ media onsite. Don’t let those massive numbers distract you, creeping up next on the CES checklist are a few things: securing budget, setting goals and objectives to see ROI against that budget, ensuring news and launches are timed accordingly, locking in onsite support – then comes nailing down the countless logistics. And that’s just a quick and dirty of the pre-CES checklist.  

CES brings together all who thrive in the consumer technology space once a year, showing up is a commitment, a challenge and your presence should be worthwhile. But again, don’t let the numbers and any lack of planning intimidate you.  

True or False: If you haven’t started your CES planning you won’t have a successful show?

False. Having the right partner agency with the right team in place plays a significant role in a brand’s CES experience every step of the way, from prep and onsite support to reporting... still not over yet – finally postmortem which realistically kicks off 2021 planning! 

 At Hotwire, we know the consumer technology space and the appropriate audiences – we’ve supported countless companies at CES at scale. We also make sure that we have the right team in place (both on the ground and holding down the fort). We’re experts in connecting the right reporters with our clients and not only getting them excited about what is to come, but building meaningful relationships. 

Here is what we did when we came in later in the game for CES 2019 for Targus, landing 165 top-tier media briefings, over 350 launch articles & syndications, and 2 Best of CES Awards. As mentioned, we also understand how to nurture relationships and know that the results are sometimes part of a longtail effect seen much later in the year, like it did recently for our work with GoPro to launch their new cameras.